The People’s Money


When you think poor decisions can’t get poorer, just wait… clear legal thinking has become personal thinking, and denial or change has become arbitrary. Even tho these statements are about single situations, they all fit together when one thinks of the people’s money, Lee County tourist tax receipts(dispersed by the TDC), and the law.

Requesting a ‘consultant’ to assist FMB using money they admittedly don’t have, and for no reason, is out of line. We have rules in place for building. No building unless developers conform. No reason for consultant. No money anyhow!

No Farmers Market at Beach Baptist…out of line again.  Pastor states church is exempt as long as it is on church grounds…and will be cited to go to the magistrate. Church is earning money for mission work and outreach. (Follow me now) Mayor Cereceda made it clear she would vote against it…and here is her quote, “That is our quiet zone,” she said of the church’s location. “The impact on the neighborhood is intense.”

Now we come to the luscious part….”bringing it home” as it were, combining all the above with the following. Coconut’s dock was demolished and it wasn’t free. If we don’t have money to replace it, where did the dollars come from to tear it down? Town is looking for TDC for money, estimated at $90,900(to replace Hercules’ dock) stated at last week’s meeting. If the quiet zone does not allow ‘intense impact’,(Baptist Church) for a few hours a week, why do they push getting a $90,900 dock in the quiet zone to enhance tourism? Does Lee County business want to send their tax dollars to the quiet zone side streets of FMB or are there better uses in the county.

I salute you Beach Baptist.

Becca Nakaya

Fort Myers Beach