The Miracle Cure!


Obesity is an epidemic and our nation’s “growing problem” shows no sign of shrinking. Watch any show on “TV Land” or “Nick at Night” or “ME TV” if you want a reality check – those great old programs from a half-century back are not only priceless entertainment, but just about every single star, guest or extra is rail-thin! In the 1950s the girth of Jackie Gleason was a constant source of humor on “The Honeymooners”; today The Great One would be almost a normal-size guy.

In 2017 two-thirds of all Americans are overweight, with one-third obese; projections for the year 2050 indicate these figures will reach 90% and nearly 60% respectively. Thirty years ago high blood pressure and diabetes were practically unknown in children but in our world these are common and headed toward health-risk status.

Fortunately science and medicine discovered a Miracle Cure to combat our expanding waistlines as well as conditions like arthritis and heart disease. This amazing treatment may reduce your odds of contracting Alzheimer’s by as much as 90 percent, and substantially lowers the chances of almost every cancer. It is free and does not require insurance, overt medical supervision or an expansive health club membership.

What is this Mysterious Miracle Cure? Walking!

You can prescribe this yourself or share it with friends. As opposed to jogging or running, it is easy on bones, joints, and ligaments. It is an indoor activity for a treadmill, while outdoors it is ideal for sidewalks, bike trails, beautiful parks and scenic beaches. You a morning person? Super! Like an evening constitutional? Great! Enjoy those nighttime strolls? Outstanding! Walking fits perfectly into your individual lifestyle and timeframe.

Walk at a brisk pace; take full strides and land fully heal-to-toe to avoid shin-splints. Pump your arms, with your hands coming as close to shoulder height as possible. Breathing will increase but if you are short-of-breath you are going a bit fast. If you go with a friend, maintain a rate that allows near-normal conversation.

Doctors recommend going two miles 4-times-a-week; generally within 14 days many people will do one mile in 18 to 25 minutes, meaning most can walk the recommended two miles in three-quarters of an hour or less. Walk at a place or on a machine that accurately measures your distance; after all you are only cheating yourself. Many keep a log showing how many miles they cover in a month or year, monitor their weight, note reduced or eliminated medications, and relevant details to chart their progress.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention states that for every mile a person briskly walks they add 20 minutes to their life! Take advantage of Life’s Miracle Cure and walk just for the health of it!


Gary Mooney