The Making of A Boat Parade Entry


It was a great deal of work to put together our spectacular display of Santa’s sleigh being pulled by Rudolph and the 8 reindeer, for this year’s Annual Fort Myers Beach Boat Parade. Although we were faced with several obstacles with coupling of the boats, high winds and being hung up on a piling… We remained resilient and in SPIRIT…

It all started one year ago, when a group of us were invited to the Reis’ Christmas Caroling Party. The Ries’ had built a sleigh frame and mounted it on the sides of a landscape trailer. Shortly after that, I dreamt up this year’s Boat Parade idea and excitedly shared this with Daniel Reis. He was immediately on board and my dream started its long journey to become a reality. I am so grateful for all the time, energy and creativity that Tracie Moore and Kimber Phillips offered me. These two friends were constantly by my side the last few weeks preparing everything. My little idea grew and expanded when I found the perfect friends willing to step up to my contagiously exciting and outrageous ideas. As a result we collectively created something better than I ever imagined or could have tackled on my own.

Our piece de resistance was supposed to be The Grinch floating behind us on a tube. Unfortunately, the Coast Guard made us bring him back onto the boat for safety reasons. Regardless it was still so much fun to put together with a great group of people.

Denis Karda Head Creatrix, Kimber Philips, Tracie Moore, Phil Karda, Daniel Reis, Norma Reis, Tami Thompson, Robbinn Hurd Jorden, Shelly Them, Dan Starowicz, Ray Chesher, Susan Housel, Natalie Decker – Sexy Santa, Tommie O’Brian, Ron Lopez, Becky Jaffers, Christy, Bunker Hill