Thanks to Be Alive


This is my second “thanks to be alive letter” in the Island Sand Paper. Back in October 2006, I wrote one after my stroke and now again in October of 2015, I had some surgery to get through. The only thing I can see changed in my life is we lost the “Back Page Girl,” but gained the Puzzle Page. Thanks, Sand Paper.

Lee Memorial Hospital – First comes to mind are the surgeons and their great ICU personnel. However, the receptionist that signs you in, all the nurses and personnel that you see daily and nightly are great. Don’t forget the employees in the kitchen, the ones that clean and dust daily, the staff it takes to discharge you, and of course, the billing department. What a hell of a great machine!

Getaway Marina – The man who owns the property is my boss, but in reality the private boat captains, their employees, Captain Tony’s Fishing Adventures and his crews, plus anyone else that works or pays rent here, are all my bosses. Everyone here has helped this “old man” by doing my job and covering my butt through recovery. Thanks guys and girls!

Marina Village at Snug Harbor – This upscale time-share resort is on Estero Island and includes in your week’s stay a boat tour of the back bay, and also a trip to go pick up shells. I fell into this job as Boat Captain around eight years ago. On my down time, they allowed me to schedule guest captains, keeping my great first mate until I’m legal again. Thanks for the trust.

Lighthouse Resort & Tiki Bar Restaurant – This is perhaps the last secret locals hiding spot on the Island. They have bent over backwards to make everyone feel at home. Did I mention the Tiki Bar? From the owners, the management, the bar personnel, and the ever present island music are all rolled into one. And for some reason, they adopted me. Life’s Great!

Our United States Post Office – 33931 is like non other. Having a delivery problem? Have to hold up your mail? No problem, when was the last time you walked in the post office and got greeted with a smile? No “going postal” here. Thanks!

News-Press (bet you wont print this) has a giant of a delivery carrier. She never missed a day, left a wet paper and even shifted my delivery to match my hospital stay. Imagine the home delivery circulation they would have if all carriers were like her. Thank You.

Needless to say I received untold phone calls, food, cards, gifts, flowers and prayers, almost everything has already wilted or was eaten, but the thought was there. Having a nurse and a visiting nurse made it even easier. Thank You!

I didn’t mention any one of you by name, but I have to bring up my mentor and best pal Harvey. He has been my sidekick going on fifty years, and I only hope I am as strong as he has been. Love you, buddy.

Thank You All!

Capt. “Bible” Jim Gideon