Thanks Sam!


In response to your letter in the July 15th edition I would like to say “Everything isn’t as it may appear.” Before branding someone a thief or calling an action a theft, I would like to relate to you what a very kind gentleman, Sam Semmler does to help those who are handicapped and cannot pick up your paper. These people look forward to reading your paper and would otherwise not get a copy. Sam picks up 5 papers and delivers to various people on the beach. I think someone as kind as he is deserves thanks not rebukes.

Frances Hodosh
Fort Myers Beach

Editor’s Note: We don’t consider 5 papers to be a “large number” of papers. Kind-hearted folks like Sam helping out their friends and neighbors are not the cause of our papers disappearing or the destruction of paper boxes. Over the last year, we’ve had over 20 boxes stolen and others vandalized. Dozens of papers are removed at a time and thrown on the ground. We have asked readers to help keep an eye on our boxes. Just last week, we found a box damaged and moved from its location and SAND LIFE copies dumped in the trash.

vandalized paper boxes
A box was moved and vandalized along San Carlos Blvd last Thursday night.
vandalized Sand Life Magazines
Over a dozen SAND LIFE Entertainment Magazine were dumped in the trash last week.