Thank You Dr. Hommerding


Dr. Hommerding was one of the kindest individuals I have ever met. As his next door neighbor, I would just drop into his office to discuss various heart of the island issues and he always smiled and said with enthusiasm Bev!  Come in, sit down!  He found time for everyone.  The personality of our amazing library was reflective of this special man.  Everything from his egg collection, which he painted on nights he couldn’t sleep to the massive jig saw puzzles, art collections and tolerance of all who used the library.

One Saturday my husband Roland and I were at the Kiwanis thrift store and there he was, behind the cash, wearing the Kiwanis vest and, as it turns out, a regular Saturday volunteer. This man was everywhere in our lives, an educator from native plans to international dance, to organizing Christmas in July for the Heart of the Island to taking a leadership role in energy conservation.  He did all of this through tangible acts of kindness, education and partnership.  We will all benefit from taking his example into our lives.

Thank you Dr. Hommerding!


Bev Milligan
Fort Myers Beach