Thank You


Anyone who serves on a local committee, commission or council should be thanked for their dedication. We may not agree with all of their opinions, [in a small town, everyone has one] but we owe them for taking their time to serve the community.

We especially owe Mayor Gore for her time, service, patience, effort, dedication, concern, perseverance, tolerance and commitment to the Town. I first met Tracey at a candidate’s night when she ran for the Town Council. I was impressed then with her knowledge of ordinances and Town history and now with her ability to lead the Council as Mayor. Thank you, Tracey, for your blood, sweat and tears during your service to the Beach. You accomplished more than many of your predecessors and always gave your heart to the Town.

My nomination for Chairperson of the first Truth and Reconciliation Forum is anyone who taunts the candidate that finished last in a local election.


Bob Miller
Fort Myers Beach