Temperance Needed


I live in Fairview Isles in a home originally built by my parents in 1971. I first heard of the FMB parking restrictions for homeowners this year. Recently, I attended a party and during the party, Beach & Street Enforcement (BASE) put $50 tickets on every car on the street. They explained – NO ONE, AT ANY TIME OF THE DAY or NIGHT may park on any street, even in front of your home—unless designated as public parking. Few people know of this law and it is RARELY enforced. So why did the town suddenly show up at our party?

This year, a neighborhood dispute over new home construction and huge trucks in a residential neighborhood caused rarely used laws to come to light:

First, BASE does not drive around seeking parking offenders, but an anonymous complaint can result in $50 fines. BASE has no choice in the matter. Also residents needing more parking space while building can buy parking space on the otherwise restricted road.

Because two huge homes are being built right next to each other, neighbors find trucks in front of their homes & blocking mailboxes. If parking spaces can be legally purchased, the town should police where additional vehicles are parked.

How does this impact our community? Once the street parking law came to light it became a game of calling the town to ticket your neighbor and neighborhoods felt the spread of retribution.

I chose to live in FMB because good people live here….intolerance quickly turns to anger and then to animosity. Anyone involved in such inane behavior, please consider where such neighborly intolerance will lead.

Beach residents should be allowed to invite friends for a party or dinner without fear of a neighbor calling the police for such a small thing as parking at your friends’ house.

Temperance is needed now.  I hope our community will deal with this issue before it grows uglier.


Carol Kolar
Fort Myers Beach