Tell Officials No


Twenty years ago on December 31, 1995 the town of Fort Myers Beach was born. This occurred finally after 60 years of failed attempts and the residents becoming tired of Lee County’s continual approval of high rise buildings. It was not an easy task bringing this about. I was one of a group of people who worked toward this end.

Now we are facing an even greater challenge. High rise buildings and a parking garage in the most traffic congested part of the beach. The developer, Mr. Torgerson wants the two jewels of our beach, Crescent Park and Lynn Hall Park to be included with the properties he has purchased. The two properties belong to all the people of Lee County and should not be a bargaining issue. One would think the people of the entire county would be outraged. In spite of claims to the contrary traffic will always be bad, and will only get worse, no matter how Mr. Torgerson’s team talks about rerouting roads and roundabouts. Please Lee County folks, who love Fort Myers Beach, celebrate the 20th anniversary of our town with a loud NO to our elected officials.

Frances Hodosh

Fort Myers Beach