Taxes, Staff & Estero


I am not in favor of tax increase just balance the budget. Which brings me to my biggest pet peeve. Why do we need so many employees with paid benefits on our small Island This Island looks like Frontier Land in Disney World.  It has been taken over by Public Works riding around on ATVs and not just that department. Many times I see 2, 3 and 4 people riding around in these ATVs. WHy? Then there seems to be no rhyme or reason when they drive up and down the sandy beach, endlessly.

If we cut back on the number of employes we may not have taxes raised.

I have a concern about the storm water drainage, is it the right way. What happens if it doesn’t do the job. Lowering the Only road on and off the Island 1 and 1/2 feet and making the grade to the center for water to run thru pavers finding the drain seems risky. This is so confusing to me. There are so many moving parts to this. I feel one council member is correct when asking questions about this. I was shocked to hear a council member say no one is confused about this.

Council needs to stop bickering be respectful of each other and just govern. Why are we not doing the same as the North End of the Island? They have a normal road that the grade puts the storm water to the sides. We need to slow down, identify the streets that really need this and work on that. This is a huge project.

We are a barrier self draining Island.


Fran Cooke
Fort Myers Beach