Suzanne Katt: Candidate for Town Council


I am pleased to announce that I am a candidate for Town Council. My name is Suzanne Katt. I live at 136 Madison Court. I bought my home in 2011 and was a snowbird until 2013 when I retired. I happily moved here to live full time in 2014.

My qualifications include a background in representing people, analyzing laws and communication. I worked as an Indiana lawyer for over 30 years. During my legal career I worked in several different fields. I was a deputy prosecutor for the city of Indianapolis. I worked as an insurance company legal analyst and lobbyist. And, I finished my legal career in a law firm providing estate and trust litigation services. Before attending law school, I worked as a radio reporter and wrote plant newspapers for General Electric.

With regard to politics, I am a purist. I believe in listening to residents and representing their interests. I have been walking neighborhood streets, introducing myself and asking people for their opinions on the important issues of the day facing our town. If elected, I am committed to continue walking and listening to what residents think about issues that will most certainly arise in the future.

Although I am a purist, I am also a realist. I do understand that there are times when compromise is the only solution. But, I will seek input from the affected residents. To achieve the best for my constituents, I think it is critical to maintain good working relationships with everyone who may have an impact on decisions that affect our town. I pledge to you that I will be civil always.

I am particularly dedicated to preserving the historic character and small town atmosphere of our community, protecting our environment and wildlife and making our town regulations more user friendly for residents. I also want a stable town government that provides timely and efficient services at a reasonable cost.

At the beginning of my campaign, I decided not to accept political contributions. With the exception of a contribution from my sister (who does not live in Florida) I am paying for all my campaign expenses. My only interest is in serving the people of our community. And, I have no further political aspirations.