Suspicious Letters


Today’s local daily paper carried a front page picture of people having a great time on their vacation on Times Square here on the Beach. I notice that even off-season, it’s hard to drive onto the Beach later in the morning on the weekend. And when I’m introduced to people from elsewhere in the country and all over the world, they say, What a great place the Beach is. The next sentence out of their mouth is, Did that big horrible development get pushed through? When they hear No!, they say Thank God, not Oh gee, the place will go to the dogs now.

These letters I keep reading since the election about what a shame, now we don’t get Grandiose Resorts and we decline into a slum, have a phony and orchestrated ring to them. I suspect Citizens for Responsible Development has begun a letter-writing campaign. These letters virtually scream, we had big dollar signs flashing hard in our eyes and the rest of you boobs loused up the fortune I was going to make, or was praying I was going to make.

Maybe I have a suspicious mind. Does anyone else have the same thought?

As for these precious documents the would-be developer drew up while working on his nutty plan, maybe we should accept them. We’ll be roasting a lot of wienies over the summer holiday and the plans might make good firestarter.

Bonnie McLaughlin
Fort Myers Beach


Ed note: The Sand Paper will not print letters that we suspect are part of a letter writing campaign. We know that there are a variety of opinions on the downtown redevelopment issue and have printed a number of letters reflecting that variety.