It totally surprised me how many of my friends mentioned, or, specifically called me about my letter of last week to you, Sand Paper Editor. Needless to say that was an eye opener!

Dear Editor, it seems everyone reads your paper!

Many of my friends couldn’t understand what I was insanely ranting about. So please allow me to recap & fluff out a few points about the traffic & the future plans for our home town and clarify some of my opinions.       

The traffic is crazy making.

The proposed new construction on San Carlos & Estero Islands will forever ruin what was once a slice of beautiful land & sea. The people responsible for it all are in it for the money-only! I guess there’s no turning back now.

Take and archive pictures from the present because in the future that’s all we’ll have left of what was once a little town nestled in natural old Florida. Hope that clears it up for everyone.

Liz Chrissian

Fort Myers Beach