Support Town Venues


I loved your editorial, “Death by a Thousand Cuts,” (April 15) because you interpreted our Town Manager’s intentions towards Bay Oaks very well; that is, it will have a lingering death, just like the ancient Chinese practice of torture intended it to be. The Mound House and Newton House are next in the line of fire. It is very hard when I read different accounts/letters/reports from different people to determine their biases when I know firsthand what is going on. You captured it very well.

Our town is very small, but it has assets besides the sun and surf. The mindset toward spending money on Bay Oaks, the Mound House and Newton House is to get rid of them rather than resolve to find a way to make these venues work. To my knowledge, the Town administration has not supported these venues by gathering and implementing ideas from each venue for fundraising events and then marketing them to the general public. So far, it has been up to personnel at each venue to be both their own events planner and marketing director, in addition to the duties they were hired to perform. A professional with skills in event planning, marketing and publicity, whose sole task is to utilize the venues to their maximum, might help the Town’s efforts to support the venues financially.

Even if an event doesn’t make money, using the venues has value of a different sort to the community. The volunteer appreciation dinner was held at the Mound House, a Grand Resorts meeting was at Bay Oaks and meeting space for various Town organizations is available at Bay Oaks. Granted, not everyone is aware of these and many other happenings at the venues. If they were, they might make known their support loud and clear.


Becky Bodnar

Fort Myers Beach