Support Bay Oaks


Studies, statistics, research and clinical trials tell us the importance of exercise and social interaction for children, adults and seniors. By participating in physical and social activities children learn to share and cooperate. They are less stressed and have higher self-esteem. Through improvements in motor skills they have better sleep patterns and increased brain function.

Adults and seniors share these benefits as well. Exercise helps us to control our weight, lower our blood pressure, and raise our good cholesterol. The health benefits of social interaction in adults include potentially reduced risk of many diseases including cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis and Alzheimer’s. Maintaining interpersonal relationships can ward off depression and help to keep your brain from “getting rusty.”

Thankfully we have a facility right here on our wonderful beach that provides exercise and social activities for all ages. Bay Oaks Recreation Center is a VITAL part of our community. If you have not discovered this wonderful resource you are in for a treat.

Please let the town council and the town manager know how important it is to our well-being.

Katie Torrence

Fort Myers Beach