Support Bay Oaks


I was very distressed reading your editorial, “Bay Oaks, Death by a Thousand Cuts.” (Island Sand Paper, April 15, 2016) It appears that our Town Manager and others on the council are unaware of how tremendously important Bay Oaks is to this community!!  You did a nice job outlining the many uses of this hidden gem, but I’d like to add a personal plea to fund and maintain Bay Oaks and the programs offered there! I have been taking a terrific yoga class there twice a week all winter and will start again immediately upon our return in October! Several of our friends have enjoyed playing pickle ball, while others take body pump classes! The adult baseball games are spirited and fun! No, it is not a fancy spa, but Bay Oaks is in the heart of the community, serving all segments of the community throughout the life span of island residents. Replace the staff who were recently lost, stop the rumors of funding cuts and closing, and fund this wonderful gem that enhances our lives in paradise!


Mary Anne Maiser

Fort Myers Beach