Denver Broncos: Super Bowl 50 Champions


The Carolina Panthers were heavy favorites and even after the Broncos moved the ball down the field on the opening drive and settling for a field goal, the game still had the feel that field goals might be all Denver would manage against Carolina’s top ranked defense. With Cam Newton, aka Superman, leading the Panthers it could have still gotten ugly for the Broncos. Superman ran up against his kryptonite on Super Bowl Sunday – Denver’s defense. They were relentless in the pursuit of Cam Newton and Carolina’s all-pro running attack. Denver’s defense was once known as the orange crush, and crush is exactly what they did to the Panthers. Peyton Manning’s 200th win wasn’t exactly his most spectacular performance, but it will go down as the cherry on top of his Hall of Fame NFL career. Von Miller on the defensive side of the ball, however, did have a spectacular game. Miller almost seemed to know Carolina’s every move. Carolina led the league with 500 points scored during the regular season, but only managed 10 points for the entire game. It was their fewest points in a game this season. Then a fourth quarter touchdown pass by Manning put the game out of reach for the Panthers. The Broncos didn’t exactly have the best offensive game in the “Golden” Super Bowl, gaining the fewest yards for a Super Bowl winner (194), but it was enough to get their championship rings.

The 10-24 victory was the third NFL title for the Broncos since 1999, back when GM John Elway was their quarterback. The win was a collection of “firsts” for the Denver Broncos. Elway became the first person to win a Super Bowl as a quarterback and as a GM. Meanwhile, Peyton Manning is the first quarterback to win Super Bowls with two different franchises (Indy 2007), and finally Gary Kubiak is the first to win a Super Bowl as a player and a coach for the same team.

The league’s MVP, Cam Newton led his team to 15 regular season wins, but the game’s MVP, Von Miller, stripped the ball from him twice. The first strip was returned for a touchdown and the second set up the game clinching touchdown drive. Just like last week, as the top ranked defense had Brady running for his life, Newton never looked in sync behind center and was sacked six times.

It’s a popular opinion, that this would be the perfect time for Manning to retire and “ride off into the sunset,” rather than entertain ideas of returning to the playing field. The 2015 season was the worst of his career and he missed seven games due to injuries. The 39-year old Manning, said his goodbyes to his teammates, and even though he told many jokes as Peyton usually does, the locker room was an emotional place with many players in tears. Linebacker Brandon Marshall said that he loved Peyton and that he told him before the game, “I want to win this for you.” Still, Manning hasn’t come right out and said that this is his last game, but he has dropped several hints since winning the Super Bowl, like the win was a good way “to cap it off.”

College Hoops

It’s the same story, different week. Once again, being in the top 10 in the AP Poll is a sure sign that a team is going to lose. Look out Villanova, you might be next. The nations new #1 seed, Nova, is on a roll defeating DePaul and St. Johns, but then again, those two aren’t exactly powerhouses.

Every time the top ranked team plays descent competition they lose. Just ask Oklahoma. They were last week’s #1 team but after losing to Kansas St. and squeaking out a close one against #24 Texas, they fell to #3. Overrated Maryland once again moved to #2 after wins over #18 Purdue and Bowie St. (who?). Iowa is the top team in the Big Ten and has clawed their way to #4. Since losing at Iowa State, Kansas has gone a roll beating several ranked teams moving the Jay Hawks back up to #6. After a big loss at Florida State, Virginia has rattled off 7 straight wins to move to #7. #8 Michigan State may fall from the top 10 after a close loss to #18 Purdue in overtime on Tuesday night. Our lone ranked team here in Florida, #12 Miami, has won three in a row and will face Florida State this Sunday.

NASCAR’s New Charter System

Even though basically anyone can still form a Cup Series team, now 36 teams have a guaranteed starting spot in every race for the next nine seasons. The teams will also get a greater share of the revenue pie. It’s basically a franchise that is transferable; meaning the owner can sell his charter for a significant sum if he decides to get out of NASCAR. In the past, teams were only worth as much as the equipment and points accrued the year before. The teams may also lease their charter once in a five-year period if they don’t want to sell right away. For a team to get a charter it had to run a full season for the last three years. In addition to the charter rules, the field has been cut down from 43 to 40.


Mike Yost