Strong Leadership Needed


As you all know, we have two Council seats up for the March 5th election. I believe our island community is on the verge of great things but simply needs to have more strong leadership on our Council and we will all realize this greatness. What are the traits for strong leadership? The things that percolate up for me are:

  • Honesty
    • Humility
    • Communication Skills
    • Sense of humor
    • Confidence
    • Ability to motivate and delegate
    • Commitment to your constituents
    • Positive attitude
    • Mutual Respect for people and perspectives
    • Creativity
    • Pragmatic decision making

These are the traits we need to bring to our Council on March 5th. I urge you to get out and learn about the candidates, attend the many candidate forums, etc. Before you cast your vote, promote a candidate or put out a yard sign please do it for the right reasons. And please don’t do it simply because:

  • You know the person
    • Your neighbor asks you to do so
    • Peer pressure
    • The person drinks beer at the bar with you daily
    • It was simply easier to say yes than no
    • You fear retaliation if you don’t

Please only vote for, or promote a candidate, or put out a candidate’s yard sign because you take the importance of this election seriously. And, because you feel this or that person would be the best addition to the Council and is the best steward for our community.

I truly believe this to be one of the two most important elections in our Town’s history. We currently have three strong Council members whose seats are not up this election cycle. Let’s give Council Members Shamp, Cereceda and Butcher two more great leaders to work with in achieving great things for our island community, we deserve it!


Tom Torgerson
Fort Myers Beach