Stormwater Referendum


The second letter of my Drain the Swamp series regarding FMB town government.  Several of the Council strongly supported by senior Town employees have revived the unpopular “Cadillac” All Streets Stormwater Management Plan.

Let’s go back 11 months to the Council Meeting on Jan 19, 2016. Over 300 residents stormed the Council chamber to send a clear message that we are saying NO to the Cadillac Stormwater Plan.

Then Council claimed the Town owed $2 Million for the Delmar and surrounding streets Stormwater construction.  We compromised on Jim Steele’s (then of the Town Audit Committee) Stormwater Management Plan of building out the 3 neighborhoods (identified in the original 2007 Stormwater needs study) and accepted a Stormwater fee of $19.98/mo per Unit for 5 years.  Then, this fee would drop to $9.95/mo for maintenance for the remaining 15 years of his 20 year plan– Remember?

Town citizens believed then and now, that we stepped up on a Stormwater plan that made “Common Sense” for FMB Stormwater Management needs and monthly fees we could live with.  We considered that compromise we entered into that day as a “done deal” agreement akin to a public mandate with the Council.

Now, just 11 months later Council is back publicly pushing Cadillac Stormwater estimated to cost $34 Million resulting in a $50+/mo per Stormwater Unit fee!   Council is clearly maneuvering to break the Jan 19, 2016 Stromwater Management agreement with FMB’s citizens!  Council then voted on the 19th to borrow almost $7 Million to restart construction!

FMB citizens are demanding that any proposed increase in scope or fees over the Jan 19, 2016 Stormwater agreement be put to referendum vote! Join me in demanding a referendum vote on Stormwater at the March, 2017 election by contacting all the Council Members. Drain the Swamp!


Mike Baker
Fort Myers Beach