Stormwater Outlet


As an environmentalist, I am glad that Lee County and FMB are installing a stormwater system to better manage polluted runoff. As a taxpayer, I hope it works. Estero Blvd is about 6 feet above sea level. The inverted crown design lowers the center of the road about 18 inches. Buried conduit drains stormwater to Estero Bay. Attached is a picture of the stormwater outlet on Williams Drive during high tide on April 8, 2019.

stormwater drainage, fort myers beach, letters to the editor, island sand paperWill this stormwater design work on our barrier island in a torrential rainstorm; at an extreme high tide; during a hurricane surge; or if sea level rises another 4 inches? Will pump stations have to be installed at the outflows to guarantee it will work when the outflow pipe is covered with sea water? This is a long overdue utility project. I hope it has a long-term future for Islanders.


Tom Babcock
Fort Myers Beach