Storm Water System Not Needed


The storm water drainage system for Fort Myers Beach is an extravagant expenditure beyond the needs of the island, and not compatible to the community.

It was explained to me by an engineer that the storm water system is a gravity-systems. This means, that the water drains by gravity, not under pressure. The water starts by draining into an inlet at a high point and drains through pipes to a low point, which is the outfall into the bay. Since FMB storm water system will outfall into the bay, the water level in the bay controls when the storm water system will be able to drain. If FMB gets a large rain event during high tide, the system will not drain until the tide goes out below the outfall level.

The storm water will not drain during a storm surge. It will not drain into high tide. It will drain only after the storm surge. Since the vast majority of the island is naturally self-draining the system will only serve streets that have standing water, and in need of flood control. Streets that are self-draining will be clear of water and drained before the new storm water drainage system begins drain into the back bay.

The plans presented for the side street system for an estimated $34,000,000 are conceptual, not final. When Tetra Tech actually designs each piece of the storm water system, the cost could increase substantially, putting a huge financial burden on residents in the form of a storm water utility fee. It’s a huge amount of money for what seems to be a flawed system. Why are we doing the entire island? Why not just take care of the streets in need?


Judy Haataja
Fort Myers Beach