Stop the Walkover


Fort Myers Beach is extremely fortunate to have at the south end of the island a unique, uncluttered stretch of coastal habitat. Unique in that it encompasses the Little Estero Island Critical Wildlife area and adjoining coastline where Florida’s threatened and endangered shorebirds and wading birds go to nest, rest, and feed. Unique in that it provides a serene and diverse habitat for people to explore and experience nature’s beauty. This is where Wilson plover’s raise their young, black skimmers are seen skimming the lagoon in search of food, and snowy egrets nestle into the mangroves.

Since 2016, the Town of Fort Myers Beach and National Audubon Society have joined forces to deny the construction of a 300-foot lagoon/dune walkover for private purposes. Their combined wisdom and many hours of litigation have not thwarted the Texas Hold ’em and Squeeze Me Inn property owners from continuing to pursue building this walkover for their own personal gain regardless of the impact it will have on the threatened bird species and everyone else’s enjoyment of this pristine habitat and unobstructed views.

If saving this small stretch of critical, pristine habitat from fragmentation and alteration is important to you, please attend the February 18, 2020 Town Council meeting at 9:00 am for the rehearing requested by the two property owners even after the Town Council had voted to deny, in November 2019, the special exception required for the construction of the said dune walkover.


Penny Jarrett
Fort Myers Beach