Stop Now


We need to stop telling others how nice it is here in Fort Myers Beach. The Chamber and all other tourism publications should stop advertising about visiting and realtors should stop trying to entice people to move here with your beautiful homes. Especially the folks that are actually building communities and attracting a large amount of folks with healthy incomes – you need to STOP.

Don’t you know that there are people who do not want this??? They want FMB to stay small, after all, that is why they moved here. They don’t want any tax dollars brought into the county nor do they want their property values to increase nor do they want YOU to profit. They don’t want any beautification projects or anything that could increase the traffic because it is already messed up.

So, for God’s sake, please do not put another modern thing on or near the beach that will show that this town has some beautiful places to stay, dine or shop at, or heaven forbid, walk on.

I see no reason to redo sidewalks or sewer systems or lighting as this will only make it nicer. Leave it all as it is now and you will eventually not need a Chamber, realtors, dining establishments or shopping and then the folks who want to keep everything the same can go to Bonita Springs or Naples for their goods and services.

You will not have to worry about luring visitors to SWFL to fish. That number has increased significantly. It’s big business nationally. However they will have to go somewhere else because this place will be a dump! Maybe they should stop that increase in fishing because it NEVER used to be that big. We need to stop this immediately so we can remain this little town.

If you have not guessed by now…I am a firm supporter of the Beach Project. Wish I had thought of it. From all of the meetings I have attended, I am a firm believer that we are in good hands with Tom and his team.

Pat Lang

Fort Myers Beach