Stop Cadillac Stormwater Plan


This letter is the first in a series that will identify the Town of Fort Myers Beach’s Political Swamp problems in hopes of future correction (draining). I believe that the “Drain-the-Swamp” political movement will sweep our nation in the next several years. So, let’s get started right here, right now in our Town as we surely need a “swamp draining”.

What has happened to our “Government Lite” founding principal? Over the last several years, Town Council has voted to balloon the Town’s operational staff and vehicle count to about 3 times what it was only 10 years ago!

More recently, we became more alarmed at the Town Council pushing the Torgerson development project that violated our Comprehensive Development Plan and would change our Town culture forever. We stood up last winter and were able to halt this secretly conceived development plan.

Simultaneously, Council put forward the “Cadillac” All-Streets Stormwater Construction Project to cost us $30 Million to build and another $30 Million to maintain for the next 20 years. We citizens stormed the Town Council Meeting last January 19th to make the Council listen to our “NO” position and stopped that plan – remember? Then, Council mandated $19.98/mo stormwater fee, one of the highest in all of Florida!

Now, 11 months later the Cadillac Stormwater Construction is back on the table with a $34 Million budget estimated to cost us $50+/mo! How did the Council get this outrageously over-designed and expensive Cadillac Stormwater Plan reconstituted for approval and construction again? Citizens, please come to the Monday December 19th Council Meeting at 2:00PM to help us fight Cadillac Stormwater again from the fiscally irresponsible “swampers” on our Town Council. We must demand that such an expensive Town project be put to referendum vote and not just “adopted” by our Council.


Mike Baker
Fort Myers Beach