Still an Eyesore


After being abroad for a year, we made our first trek over the Matanzas bridge. What a beautiful view it is. Not many places can match it. Then comes the dreaded turn onto Estero Blvd and its slumming introduction to our little paradise. I see that we are putting a lot of effort and emphasis towards the street renovation. But where’s the beef? I think the “beef” (development proposal) was shot down more than a year ago.

Don’t get me wrong. Estero Blvd needed the improvements, but just as important is the eyesores that give the first impressions of our “unique” island. I can’t believe after more than a year or so, we couldn’t do something about the dilapidating – less than half occupied strip mall that is well complimented by a lovely lot filled with construction equipment! What a heck of a first impression!

I understand that the construction Company needs a place to put their equipment. Hey, I got an idea! Let’s bribe the contractor to “accidently” mow down our “Welcome to Ft Myers Beach” structures! All kidding aside my fellow locals. We need to address these unsightly distractions. Is Ft Myers Beach really putting their best foot forward? I am actually a little embarrassed when our family, friends and visitors round that first corner. I personally try to bring them in from the south.

I know many of you will disagree and come up with some lame excuses why nothing has been done. But if you truly want to keep our little island ‘paradise’ just that, then let’s start developing a plan that will fit our new roadway. Can we really pave an imperial path that passes through an archway of thorns? A little harsh maybe, but again the truth hurts.


Anthony Scopel
Fort Myers Beach