Stay Ground Level


One issue in regard to the Torgerson plan which has not been addressed is the fact that our “little thoroughfare, Estero Blvd, is interstate and international, too.

All sizes and shapes of vehicles cross Matanzas Pass Bridge, a state bridge. There are vehicles (trucks, cars, etc.) hauling large yachts-boats of every description. Not all these sailing yachts have retractable masts.

Building an overhead walkway from the parking area to the beach is not feasible in my opinion.

Certainly many people coming to Ft. Myers Beach are not necessarily going to the beach. Also I wonder if an overhead walkway w/elevator would not interfere with the Crescent Beach Family Park.

Elevation of walkway could be treacherous in the winds off the Gulf of Mexico. Stay ground level.

Shamp was the best choice.


Lucinda Keller
Fort Myers Beach