State Days 2020


Refugees from the chilly Hawkeye state, filled The Original Shrimp Dock Bar & Grill on Wednesday, January 15, for the first of eleven State Days sponsored by the restaurant. Iowans, both past and present, filled every table as singer Frank Torino entertained with songs by famous Iowans, games and Hawkeye state trivia. A special menu with Maid-Rites, tenderloin sandwiches and gas station taco pizza was designed with Iowans in mind. As the temperature hovered in the single digits in Iowa, shorts and sandals were in abundance at the Shrimp Dock. The shades even had to be lowered on the porch as the sun was so bright. Upcoming State Days at the Shrimp Dock include Indiana (January 22), Pennsylvania (January 29), New York (February 5), Canada (February 12), Ohio (February 19), Wisconsin (February 26), Minnesota (March 4), Michigan (March 11) and New England (March 25). Each Shrimp Dock State Day is held from 11am to 4pm and features food and beverages from that state. Attendees are encouraged to wear their state’s teams colors. For more information, call 239-463-3043.

For those from upstate New York, Matanzas on the Bay will host the 16th Annual Rochester NY Reunion Party on Tuesday, February 4 from 11am -2pm featuring Zweigle’s Red & White Hots and Genesee beer. For information on this event, call 239-463-9258.