Spring Break Enforcement


While traveling thru the panhandle and west, I read about preparation for ‘spring breakers’. It seems the panhandle, and cities west are in accordance with keeping the ‘sleaze’ off their beloved beaches. I was impressed with plans to watch over the alcohol and sexual consumption with undercover agents, increased police presence, and business owners uniting to present a fun opportunity, with limitations. Last years breakout of drunks, forced sex on the beach, and overall rudeness, has been addressed up north, and the area has chosen to keep a family beach, ‘a family beach’.

I hope there is a plan in the making with our beach police/sheriff and council in preparation for the crowd. I would like them remember their ‘spring getaway’ from college as a blast, while being safe from doing/experiencing scary things. Why, cause in just the blink of an eye, they might just choose us, as a family beach to bring their kiddies, where it is a blast, safe, and there aren’t scary things.

Now is the time to also come up with a plan to enforce rules of fireworks, and lanterns on the beaches of Ft. Myers. Now, now…it is ALREADY a law…neither are allowed. The city needs to enforce a direct presence on the beaches to keep everyone safe. Our city liability is on the line.

Oh yes, one more thing…when the public works vehicle is seen coming toward dog owners, all leashes are attached. Thirty feet after they pass, leashes come off. C’mon!  Not call’in for jail time, just consistent enforcement.

Becca Nakaya

Fort Myers Beach