Speak up on Straw Ordinance


Once again our Counsel is forcing through laws that will make our beach an unwelcoming place for tourists and local businesses alike. They are planning a fine of $100 for the use of plastic straws for the entire beach. What’s next? Plastic bags, snack bags, zip lock bags?? Great. Pack a lunch and be unable to bring chips, pretzels…The straw plan opens up that door. Now they have eliminated biodegradable straws from the equation.

It is over-governing at the very least. I do not understand why more Islanders and business owners are not fighting this! Wake up people, we are being told what to buy and how to use it. Time is short, speak up!

Paul Grattarola
Fort Myers Beach


Editor’s Note: The proposed ordinance includes a fine of $100 for first offense distribution of banned straws by beach businesses. Individuals may use any straw they or off island businesses provide.