Soft Sand for Newton Park


Kudos to residents like you with an interest in preserving and promoting our “educational and recreational experiences” here on this “oasis” called Fort Myers Beach.  My parents lived on the beach for thirty plus years from 1979 – 2010.  I also purchased a residence here in paradise and have been coming each year for the past 41 years.  My beach walks each day from the south end of the island to Newton Beach Park and back were, and remain one of my greatest pleasures throughout the years.

In planning for the future of Newton Park and to truly utilize and enjoy our “sand life” even more, my one suggestion while completing this recreational oasis is to please think about all of the “barefooted” beach lovers visiting this park and remove the sharp and painful shells in the walking areas and replace them with the soft, natural white sand that is characteristic of this beach.  Thank-you Mr. Newton for this beach front park and cottage with your historical namesake.

Again, thank-you residents for volunteering your time, efforts and ideas toward a strategic action plan for the park.


Linda J. McMullen
Daughter of John and Theresa Rohrer
Fort Myers Beach