Slum-like Park


Well another 6 months have gone by fast and we are getting ready to go back to Tennessee and count the days ‘til we come back.

It has been a sad time to think of the opportunity that the town of Fort Myers Beach passed up with Grand Resorts. Mr. Torgerson has gone way overboard to try and make people happy. Instead they have been unreasonable and not seen the big picture.

The stamp-sized park is full of homeless people and many people with children feel uncomfortable even to walk through. People want to feel safe and have a family-friendly environment, not a town that looks run down and slum-like.

I have been coming here since there was a swing bridge. We have owned since 1995 and have seen lots of changes, all for the good. I know change can be painful like when they put the Publix and movie theater on the island. These same people said, “No Way!” Try to take it away now and see how they like it. It didn’t make the traffic any worse.

We still love to go to the beach for a walk, but it’s dark and scary now and hard to find parking. We very seldom go there because of the slum-like feeling. I hope the town listens to the people that have been coming here for years that pay taxes and spend money. If you’re so against the people, then put up tollbooths and charge $15-$20 and then you will have the island to yourself. See how you like that and how your taxes will go sky high.

Look at downtown Fort Myers. It’s doing gangbusters. So many people there having a great time. Take an example from them and do the right thing. Get with the 21st century. Clean the beach up and make it great again.

Margie Tirey
Fort Myers Beach & Franklin, TN