Sidewalk E-Bike Ban


We were interested in the coming full ban on e-bikes on the beach and sidewalks. We have seen the excessive speed of some riders on the beach. However, they are in the minority of e-bike riders in our view. The majority drive them responsibly, no faster than normal bike riders. Keep in mind that these e-bikes open up a huge opportunity for elderly or handicapped riders that will be eliminated.

Perhaps some thought should have gone into a resolution or compromise before a knee jerk decision to arbitrarily put small businesses…out of business. Can council not sit down an reach a solution. It should not be that difficult. The issue is speed….do something about that aspect of the issue. Cars have speed governors, trucks have them. Can council not work with small business to somehow retrofit a governor of some kind to regulate the speed similar to that of a regular bike. Throwing small business under the bus over a few abusing the capability of e-bikes is unconscionable. There is need to reach a creative solution that solves the problem. This is not brain surgery.

Vince Caston
Orleans Ontario, Canada


Editor’s Note: The Fort Myers Beach Town Council passed Ordinance 18-02 on Bicycle & Vehicle Safety on March 5, 2018. It prohibits motor-assist or E-bike use on sidewalks or beach. Since then Council considered and rejected a revision that would exempt “mobility devices,” in favor a more universal “disability ordinance,” which they referred to the Public Safety Committee in October 2018. Use of E-bikes remains legal in bike lanes and on the roadway.