Should We Redevelop?


“Well, keep your opinion to yourself. It doesn’t matter.”

Sound harsh? Yes, but it is the truth. There were 5136 registered voters for the March 2014 town election. Surprisingly only 1392 cast a ballot to give our town leaders the power to represent us. Those elected and possibly two new council members will decide the fate of the development project. I attended both informational meetings out of curiosity, knowing I had no input; I kept my mouth shut and poster boards at home.

I am sure that the questions on my mind are on the council members’ minds. Will a roundabout help or hinder traffic? Will the hotels impede the view of the Gulf? I remember when the old buildings were there; I couldn’t see the Gulf then. The only reason I can see it now is because the building was torn down and I’m stopped in traffic. I am not aware of any great views of the Gulf as I drive down Estero Blvd. except as I exit Publix’s parking lot and see the Gulf from under the condo across the street.

My point is please vote for a person you think will have the best in mind for all of us. They have placed themselves in a position, knowing the consequences. Support them and have faith.

Dan Parker

Fort Myers Beach