Save the Street Performers


I do hope that the Town Council will take another look at the new restrictions they are considering for the Street Performers. I also think it’s a shame they are considering not allowing them on Fourth of July or New Year’s Eve which could be their biggest days of the year.

It is such a magical thing for the children on the Island and the visitors! I know my grandchildren love to go to Times Square on the weekend, have dinner, watch the street performers and dance in the spotlights on the plaza! They call that date night with Yaya & Poppy! Since we took the playground down at Lynn Hall there really isn’t anything for kids to do in the Times Square area! We advertise ourselves as the Family Island but if it’s during the school year there is no place to play until after school is out! These artists bring activity to Times Square that is good for all businesses and family entertainment!!

Save the street performers/artists!


Jane Plummer
Fort Myers Beach