Save the Clock


I don’t understand some of the town council’s attitude regarding the clock in Times Square. The clock has been there for years, can you imagine how many vacationers have taken pictures of that clock over the years?

Maybe there should be a poll taken in The Island Sand Paper, let the people of FMB give their input as to whether the clock should stay or not.

I can only assume Times Square got its name because of the clock – a clock tells the time – Times Square, makes sense to me. If the town doesn’t want the clock, bring it to my house, I’ll take care of it.

Council Woman Hosafros, how can you make the statement “that people gather to see the sunset and not to see what time it is” how would you know that? Can’t they do both? I bet at least every other person who walks thru Times Square looks at the clock for the time, I know I do.


Connie M. Spataro
Fort Myers Beach