Save the Clock


We have visited and now live in Ft. Myers Beach since 1963. Since incorporation we have had great respect for council members even though we might always agree with the actions taken. However, the quotes in the 2/14 Sand Paper made me think that the council members are failing in their mission to represent the people who live here as the community changes and evolves.

Few people say, “Let’s go to Lynn Hall Park to watch the sunset.” Most say, “Let’s go to Time Square to watch the sunset, eat, walk on the pier and our sugar white sand.” How long has the Square and the clock been a meeting point? As our community evolves and changes it is important to preserve some of our history. Where are our council members coming from? A bad day in chambers? Let the people decide. I will as I vote for the 3 seats up for election.


Meg Bushnell
Fort Myers Beach