Save Crescent Beach Park


I do think a roundabout at the bottom of the bridge might help the traffic flow if they leave Estero Blvd in place for slower traffic and reroute the faster traffic down the existing Crescent Street and Fifth Street with another roundabout at the corner of Estero Blvd and Crescent Street.

Why realign Estero Blvd? How will they get the large firetrucks and emergency vehicles into that closed area of Estero Blvd in case of a fire inside that 6 or 8 story building?

Hotels being built without provisions for onsite parking should be prohibited.

We incorporated Ft Myers Beach for the protection of our Island and its people. We elected our officials to protect our Island with zoning codes, restrictions on heights and density. We also elected our County Commissioners to do the same.

We need shops along Seafarers Park, not a large convention center. The developer could build the county a smaller parking garage by negotiating Seafarers Park for a parking garage located the corner of Fifth & Crescent Streets.

Estero Blvd needs to remain at its current location. Crescent Beach needs to remain “as is” for our future generations to use and enjoy. We don’t need a mall or hotel to replace Crescent Beach. The County and Town of Ft Myers Beach needs to make it clear that Crescent Beach is not for sale of trade! No exceptions.

Our County Commissioners need to say:  Crescent Beach is not for sale or trade. Then Grand Resorts could make a more realistic development plan according to our existing codes and restrictions.

Money talks, but the future of valuable public beach frontage, the views and natural beauty of Ft Myers Beach will be gone forever if the County Commissioners approve trading Crescent Beach!

(In my letter that appeared last week in the Sand Paper, I meant to say that Crescent Beach Park is worth $1,600,000 or more, not $10 million.)

Sharon McKay

Fort Myers Beach