Save Bayside Park


Does Fort Myers Beach know, very soon they will no longer have an unobstructed view of the back bay? Or be able to view the Boat Parade again? Or watch the pirate battle on the back bay again?

Bayside Park or Fountain Park is located between Nervous Nellie’s and Marina Village. It is the only public access area which gives an unobstructed view of the back bay. It has hosted the pirate battles during the Pirate Festival. It has hosted viewers as the Roar Offshore power boats pass by. It is the only public viewing area for people to watch the annual Christmas Boat Parade. It is a wonderful viewing area for dolphin watching. It serves as back drop by hundreds of photographers.

Recently, the Town (Anchorage Advisory Committee) approved conceptual design for construction of a multi-story building at the water’s edge. No open dialog or notice was made to adjacent neighbors. Construction of this building will completely obscure/alter the view of the bay.

Is this new building for the benefit of the entire Town? No, it is not. This building is for the sole use of boaters using the mooring field. This building will house showers, restroom and laundry and an office. Boaters will get a shiny new building, and the community gets a forever encumbered Bayside Park. All other options should be explored. This is an idea that serves those few boaters living/using in the mooring field and robs everyone else.

Unobstructed views of the water are a valuable, disappearing resource. They are to be protected. The area directly in front of the water should be open, allowing people to gather, to watch events, and to walk the waterfront.

This is a bad idea that serves only a special few in our community and punishes everyone else. This building should NOT be built. Thank you.


Len J. Lemmer
Fort Myers Beach
Nervous Nellie’s owner


Editor’s Note: A previous design for an upland service building for the mooring field in Bayside Park was altered due to the location of the main water and sewer lines for the entire island that run under the park. Town Council has not yet approved the new design.