Roundup Research


I read the Sand Paper Roundup article this morning.(“Council Ponders Roundup Ban” Island Sand Paper, May 17, 2019)  Below is a link to several clinical research studies re: Roundup. I encourage council members, if they haven’t already, to review and educate themselves on the data that’s out there to assist in gaining knowledge. This will allow them to make an educated decision to ban Roundup or not. It should not take a long period time to ban it if they so choose as Rexann stated several times in the article, simply put another ordinance in place, like they did with plastic straws and sky lanterns. Cleaning up the beach in any way can happen as quickly as council wants it to happen and I’m pleased to see positive comments about their concern about Roundup and similar products from most of them in the article.

Council may decide after learning the data from a clinical research perspective, that they do not need to spend funding on additional studies.

Here’s the link. Easy to view and research.

Leah Gregg
Fort Myers Beach