Roundabout Trial



Think a roundabout will help solve the traffic problem at Times Square?  Don’t wait years for an answer, find out now, and here’s how:

ALL northbound traffic turn right on Crescent St. to exit the island at Fifth St.

One way traffic on Crescent St from San Carlos Blvd to Fifth St.

One way traffic on Fifth St from Crescent St to San Carlos Blvd.

One way Traffic on San Carlos Blvd from Fifth St to Crescent St,

And BINGO, you’ve got a modified (ain’t too round) roundabout for evaluation.

Northbound traffic to points north on Estero Island? Use First and Second Streets, plus Third St if the one way direction is rescinded.

Will this will speed up northbound traffic exiting the island?  Absolutely! Will it ease the traffic coming on the island? Probably not! Two lanes merging to one at Buttonwood Dr will cause the bottleneck to be around forever, but once over the bridge it might help.

Why not try it for a month or three? If it works, great! If it proves ineffective, go back to square one, no harm—no foul.

Bill Ross

Fort Myers Beach