Robert Burandt, Candidate Guest Opinion


My adult career begins in my early twenty’s when I attend the Detroit Police academy and began work as a Police Officer in Michigan. I worked and went back to school and eventually graduated from Wayne State University and later from The Detroit College of Law now at Michigan State University (1984)  After passing the Florida Bar exam in July of 1984 my wife and I moved to Florida with our Daughter.  We had two sons after moving to Florida. I have practice law for the last 35 years and have represented hundreds of business and individuals. I have also owned property on the Beach since the mid 1980’s and have followed Island life ever since. I was in favor of incorporation and our law firm served as the first Town Attorneys for ten years. My goal if elected is to see that everyone is treated with respect and dignity. To ensure that the Town Government is operating within its budget and to reduce water, sewer & stormwater bills. In addition to ensure that the water that surrounds us is clean and safe to swim and boat in. To make sure that when residents go to bed, they have the opportunity to sleep without interruptions from neighbors or businesses.  To see that our streets have adequate lighting and that walking or bicycling on the Beach is safe. To work with the County, State and Federal Government to address the abandoned and live aboard vessels in our back bay and to enforce “No Wake” laws to protect our boats and our property. Also, to see what can be done with regard to the low flying airplanes that disrupt our day to day lives.

I believe the Town needs to prioritize its resources and come up with a plan with respect to its assets and liabilities.  How do we financially protect and serve the community without excessive taxes and fees?

Please  remember your vote counts and please consider voting for me in the  March of 2020  election for Town council and if you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact me at  Also please join us at the Wyndham Garden Fort Myers Beach 6890 Estero Blvd FMB on Feb. 27, 2020 from 6-8pm to discuss further.

Approved by Robert B. Burandt, Esq.


By Robert Burandt
Town Council Candidate

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