Rigid Code Enforcement


Wow! I was really impressed by a recent Editorial (“Need Direction,” Island Sand Paper, May 29, 2020).

It couldn’t ring more true! About Town Council and how the Town Manager is hell-bent on punishing businesses here on our beach, for putting up temporary signage so necessary for their survival through these tough times!

I personally know how rigid, mean-spirited and oppressive this Town can be, as they’ve wacked me 3 distinct times by Code Enforcement, concerning my businesses on FMB.

I “thought” Florida was one state in a “Free” country called America?! It ain’t so!

Put up a sign or start a new business here, and find out how fast you’ll get wacked by Code Enforcement for whatever infraction they can dig up!

Thank you Missy for speaking the truth!  May the “Free” Press Rule!


JD Burdge
Fort Myers Beach