Return the Racket


We look forward to the paper every Friday. We have several of our friends here from the Des Moines, IA area. Teri picks up the paper early Fri. mornings and delivers one to each of us! A great papergirl delivering a great paper! I am sad to lose my tennis racket, see below info; I am hopeful you can print for me:

Unfortunately my tennis racket was left at Bay Oaks Rec. Center about 11:30am on Monday the 30th. The Bay Oaks staff placed it in the lost and found box and it was still in the box around 4 pm. Would the person who took the racket and cover please return it to Bay Oaks or call Jim at 515-423-3222? It was special to me, no questions asked. Who ever took it was thoughtful (??) to take the hat, armband and towel out of the bag and leave it in the lost and found box. However, I would appreciate getting the racket and cover back as well! Thank you!

My thanks to The Island Sand Paper!


Jim and Charlotte Noble
Fort Myers Beach