Remove Red Drift Algae


I am a frequent visitor and part-time resident of Fort Myers Beach. During my recent stay, the beach was laden with red drift algae. The odor emanating from this natural occurrence was simply awful. I have children and grandchildren who had flown here to enjoy the beautiful beaches and water and as far as we are concerned, the beach was uninhabitable. I read in the Sand Paper a few weeks ago that other area beaches choose to remove the algae that accumulates on their beaches but Fort Myers Beach chooses not to do that.

In view of last summer’s terrible conditions of red tide and the resulting devastating effect on the economy at the beach and financial losses to so many businesses, FMB might consider taking a more proactive approach to this problem. I know right now, at the height of season, it might appear that all is well based on the crowds that are here but don’t be deceived by that because there are many unhappy vacationers here now complaining about the current beach conditions and may not return. There are people who have saved all year to come vacation here vowing never to return here.

Social media is a strong influence in this day and age, and word travels fast to thousands and thousands. I hear on the local news channel that FMB may consider removing the algae if it increases more. There are mounds and mounds of this red drift algae all over our beaches, yet the town’s response is that the wash-up between the larger piles is too thin to warrant a full-blown cleaning project. The time has come to get our proverbial head out of the sand (or out of the red drift algae) and do something now about this situation before Fort Myers Beach suffers another economic  crisis.


Joan Paolercio
Fort Myers Beach