Remembering Veterans


After the first year that I moved to Fort Myers, I heard about a campaign of sending Christmas cards overseas to the Troops. In 2017 I started my own small campaign and with the help of my local Veterans Club and the school that I worked in, we sent 750 cards over. The next year, we sent 3,070 cards overseas.

When talking to Veterans who received past cards while they were overseas, they spoke about the love that they felt when receiving these cards. I realized that the “campaign” was more than just cards. When you are away from loved ones during important times, there is a special loneliness that is hard to fill.

Because these cards just aren’t cards but a ray of love and support, this year before November 11th, I asked students to sign Thank You cards to local Veterans. Then, during the Veterans Day celebrations, we gave them to Veterans who came to our celebration at the Veterans Club of America, Post #1 on San Carlos Blvd. Who would have thought that a simple card could “create a tear in several a man.”

I then added to my Christmas campaign! I continued my partnership with the VCA Post #1, and the City of Palms Charter High School Inc. (3 local high schools in this area), and joined forces with Great Clips, and Jamaica Bay Resort. This year we sent 4,009 cards overseas. But we did not stop there. I knew that there were Veterans locally that may be neglected. So we sent over 50 cards to local nursing homes and assisted living facilities, and another bunch to the VA.


Robin Perkins-Matthews
Fort Myers Beach