reFRESH Estero Drainage Working


“Drainage for Segment 1 of the reFRESH Estero Boulevard Projects works perfectly,” exclaims Kaye Molnar of Cella Molnar & Associates, spokesperson for the construction.

“The rain we received in June, especially during the first week, was like a hurricane rain without the hurricane; in fact, Fort Myers Beach totals exceeded those from Hurricane Wilma in 2005, yet drainage was flawless!”

Kaye relates that the remaining Segment 1 work, from the Matanzas Pass Bridge to roughly the Red Coconut, “is down to punch list items. There are issues with brick pavers that require some replacement, but fortunately this has no adverse effect on drainage.” While major Segment 2 roadway work from Lovers Lane to Madera Road, near Publix Supermarket, will not begin until late this month, traffic shifted from the southbound to the center lane from the Red Coconut to Donora Boulevard to clear the beach side right-of-way. Conversely, northbound traffic from Hercules Drive to Strandview shifted to the center lane for temporary paving, as potholes formed from all the June rain.

estero blvd construction update, fort myers beachOnce Segment 2 roadway work commences, “we begin on the bay side, starting at Lovers Land to Madera,” explains Kaye. “We coordinated with the Fort Myers Beach Fire Control District to ensure their emergency personnel and equipment can navigate swiftly and safely through this area to maintain rapid response times, as we realize public health and welfare comes before anything. We are still waiting on the Segment 2 outfall permits, but until then, we can build the waterline and put in storm drainage, but cannot take it all the way out to the bay. While that happens, we will construct the concrete baffle boxes for the outfalls, but cannot install them until we receive permits.”

The waterline work in Segment 2 continues, with crews installing the water main on the beach side, as well as making connections to bay side streets from Lovers Lane to Madera Road. “We are connecting individual water service to the new water main on both sides of the street, from the Red Coconut to Mid Island Drive,” relates Kaye, “with traffic shifting from the southbound to the center lane from Gulfview Avenue to Madera for beach side water mains.”

As for the Fourth of July Holiday Weekend, Kaye says that “there will be no workers on Sunday the 2nd or Tuesday the 4th. Anything that does occur on the other two days will be minimal, outside of the active lanes, and will not impact traffic.” Initial Segment 3 work is actually underway, from Strandview to Dakota Avenues, including the clearing of the right-of-way and some underground directional drilling as part of the sanitary sewer force main installation near Strandview, the White Cap Condominium, Ocean Harbor, and Williams Drive, with motorists to expect minimal delays.

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Gary Mooney

Photos provided by Kaye Molnar