Rebuild the Coconut Dock


I do not see any construction or planning going on at our empty Coconut Drive dock. Information provided by the city states there were no phone calls regarding the condition of the dock prior to your action to demo it.

This problem you have created is not going away. The dock was torn down without any discussion or planning of replacement. It is a part of the ambiance of this street. It served no purpose for the city to tear it down and it will only enhance bad feelings by not coming to terms with the mistake in planning without first thinking.

This is a good time to cut your losses and rebuild before the end of the year. None of this was our doing. It was definitely a very poor decision on someone’s part and that someone has now become Ft. Myers Beach City Council.

With the TDC meeting coming up and the new building project at Times Square to deal with, this problem should be dealt with as quickly as possible. The dock was open to anyone before, and it will be the same, without TDC money. Guests who visit will continue to be present on the new dock at their own risk, as it has been for many years. Please address this, by building the dock on Coconut and giving over the land to the sub-division. It will be a win-win situation for all.

Becca Nakaya

Fort Myers Beach