Rebuild Hercules Dock


I arrived back on Fort Myers Beach, Hercules Drive the end of November to find out our dock had been torn down. Having lived here 30 years and using the doc to watch the boats or track the red Ibis for years we were truly dismayed at seeing this destruction. We live in New Jersey part of the year but are Florida residents. We were never notified that our dock was going to be torn down. Common courtesy and a chance to make repairs on the dock were never given to us. We have repaired the dock many times, putting in new pilings, and repairing the railings. NEVER has anyone complained about being hurt on our dock. Many people from Fort Myers Beach would drive down to our dock to fish, now it is gone, Welcome to Fort Myers Beach.

We would like to hear from the town as to:

  1. Why was the dock taken down?
  2. Who was the contractor/demolition company who took the dock down?
  3. Is there a plan in place to rebuild the dock?
  4. What was the cost for the dock removal and why wasn’t that money used to repair the Dock?


June and Barry Hazen

Fort Myers Beach