Reality Check Coming


Very shortly the words from persons vying for Council positions will lead to the reality of serving on the Council. I’m hopeful that the new town council will stop playing politics and face reality. Bay Beach was never and will never be in the Town’s Stormwater system; as such it is out of the Benefit Area. That being the case, Bay Beach is not subject to a Stormwater Utility Fee (not an adjustment), nor is it subject to an “Administrative Fee.”

Another big issue is the payment of Lee County and its share of the Stormwater fee, because their properties are part of the Benefit Area. Words out of the Town are that they are in negotiation with the County for “offsets” between the two governmental organizations. The problem here is that they are not negotiating apples to apples. What the Town is attempting to do is negotiate funds from the “general fund” against a specific “stormwater management fee.” I’m sure that the Town’s legal council has informed them that this is a non-player. We will find out March 31 when invoices are sent out as to what the county is being assessed; not only for properties like Lynn Hall Park and their other properties on FMB but also for their road, Estero Boulevard.

I know that the Town is hoping that after the election they will be able to obtain long term bonds to stretch out the payment for things like the Stormwater Management system. Someone should ask what are the odds of obtaining long term bonds if there were a group, or parties, that filed injunctions or lawsuits because of their failure to follow the law or proper procedures. Will having eighteen month delays in proceedings benefit the Town or is it in the Town’s best interest to do what is correct and proper?