Punitive Parking Tickets


As a seasonal resident in a neighborhood of two subdivisions that share one street access (similar to ALL of FMB!), we are no strangers to parking issues.  With the influx of owners, visitors, renters, service providers and contractors we are challenged to abide by the town ordinance on street parking.  Combine that with two new homes being constructed side-by-side, at the same time, in a cul-de-sac, at the very end of our neighborhood and we have a recipe for a parking nightmare.

The town’s B.A.S.E. (Beach and Street Enforcement) department responding to call-in complaints and writing $50 parking violations en masse has not helped! The acrimony, aggravation and animosity between neighbors, contractors and the Town have dampened the collective mood in the neighborhood. While patience, tolerance and understanding would go a long way to mend these parking rifts, perhaps a less punitive, more consistent and fair Town parking ordinance enforcement would also help?

An idea that might help to lighten restrictions while at the same time generating more steady revenue for the Town would be to amend the Residential Parking Permit program. How about allowing permitted residents to park a vehicle on a residential street during the day only (no overnight parking) for a maximum of three hours? This would provide for a more flexible and lenient regulation. Maybe more residents and business owners would purchase parking permits if there was a more conciliatory policy and less heavy-handed enforcement fines.

It is both a blessing and a curse for our island to experience the development growth, infrastructure improvement and seasonal cycles of business and pleasure. Let’s work together to minimize the negative impact of parking and traffic problems on our community during these changing and challenging times.


Craig Nelson
Fort Myers Beach